The Hierarchy of Power

CN505 power station refers to the ability of a person to perform a task. Power is desired by every human being. We feel inadequate without power. However, we often criticize people with power since they exercise control over us and force us to do things without our wish. Power creates fear and often terror in the mind of many human beings.

Yet power is desirable as it is an attribute of God. No society can exist without powerful ruler and no organization can survive without powerful leader. God is believed to be the most powerful Being and He has been referred as Supreme, Omnipotent or Almightily.

Therefore, it is natural that all people should desire power as everyone feels incomplete without power. While power is often equated with physical power as is in the case of animals, it is hierarchical in case of human beings where the physical power rest at the bottom of hierarchy of power.

The power has a clear hierarchy in the human civilization which can be described as following.

Physical Power

We may call physical power as Animal Power as all animals have physical power. It is often referred as raw power or muscle power also. Physical power can be defined as the capacity of a human being to do work physically. Men are generally more powerful than women in physical strength and have more power. Physical power is more direct and physically visible. The physical power can be enhanced by the intake of highly nutritious food having high protein and fat and doing lot of physical exercises and workouts.

Often people consider physical power as most important. Most movies show the heroes to have well developed muscles and he is seen as demolishing dozens of people by his sheer physical power. Yet in reality the physically powerful people are valued at the lowest and they are paid the lowest of the salaries when they are employed as bouncers or musclemen by the rich people.

Mental Power

Mental power is superior to physical power as the human mind is extremely intelligent having the capacity to analyze and plan. In modern times, emphasis is laid on the increase of the mental power. A child is sent to school from early years so that he can do mental exercises like memorizing, calculations which increases the mental power of the person. A person, can however, be mentally strong even without going to schools provided he takes challenges and learn from his victories and defeats. A mentally powerful person is a great asset for any organization as he can analyze the situation and find answers based on the best knowledge available in the world. They are appointed as managers, bureaucrats, accountants and paid a good salary.

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