How Often Should A Carpet Be Cleaned?

Do you wait until the carpet starts to look dirty before calling a professional carpet cleaning St. Catharines cleaning company to perform ‘restorative carpet cleaning?

When you leave a carpet so long that it looks dirty, lots of permanent damage has already occurred. You will have been walking on a carpet, with lots of trapped dirt, cutting away at the fibres, causing premature wear. This same dirt will have ground its way into the fibres and permanently changed the colour of the carpet.

Leaving the carpet to look dirty before cleaning means, your carpet has already worn down and permanently discoloured. How can you prevent this from happening?

Professional carpet cleaning is the only way to guarantee removal of deep down dirt, that causes wear and discolouration, but how often should you perform professional carpet cleaning?

(The values change depending on variables such as number of children, number of pets and frequency of vacuum maintenance.)

On average, you can expect a carpet to look 50% of what it did, when new, after just one year. By having professional carpet cleaners in, you can restore the appearance to 80% of what it was when new. Leave the carpet another year and, the carpet deteriorates to look 30% of what it looked like when new. Having your carpet professionally cleaned at the end of year 2 restores the look to 50% of what it looked like when new. At the end of year 3, the carpet falls to look 20% of what it did when new and professional cleaning of the carpet at the end of 3 years improves the look to 40% of what it did when new.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned once a year and, after 3 years you can expect it to look 40% of what it did when it was new!

Having carpet protection applied at the same time as professional carpet cleaning, improves the level of appearance significantly.

The level of appearance improves dramatically, if you can have your carpets professionally cleaned on a monthly basis. Have your carpet professionally cleaned once a Month and, after 3 years you can expect it to look 80% of what it did when it was new! In fact, the level of appearance only drops a small amount and, if the carpet also had carpet protector applied on a regular basis. The carpet would still look almost like new after 3 Years of use!

You now know that you should have your carpets cleaned as often as possible but, how often should your type of household have professional carpet cleaning?

Below, is a carpet cleaning maintenance plan, which is the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) guide to carpet cleaning frequencies. “The Clean Trust S100 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning”.

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