Craft Show Tips – How to Survive a Slow Craft Show

Who can remember their first craft mxl tv or farmers market? My first show is one that I will remember for all time. I didn’t make a dime. I had lookers that stated that they could make all the things I sold or they could buy a similar product cheaper elsewhere. What a blow to my ego? I wanted to slide under my table and never come out.

What do I mean by “smarter”? Start tackling shows with a plan, a specific goal in mind. Maybe I am a bit biased in saying you may only break even if that at every show. But is making money the only goal to have in mind? In my opinion no. You need to also think of each show as a business work in progress. Each show you attend you want to do better than the last. That may mean meeting more potential customers or wholesale clients, adding visitors to you mailing list and so on.

Stop scratching your head and put that energy into analyzing the show. Allow the shows to be a testing point of displays, promotions, pricing and new products. Analyze these slow shows and put all of this important show information into good use. Be prepared to tackle the next show or farmers market around the corner.

Here are 5 craft show tips that help you place your anxious energy after a tough craft show: First and foremost realize realize that your products are great. Make a list of all the positives that occurred at the show. Did you meet any new prospective customers or wholesale clients? Was your new product a hit?

Use each show as a word of mouth platform or marketing medium. Consider the table fee as an advertising booth for a day. Assess the quality of the show. It may not have been the right market for your products. Was it a church bazaar style show? Was it a flea market style show? Customers at certain shows are expecting a certain price range.

Have you considered putting out a small ad about your business and where you are planning on selling your wares in the local newspaper. If you are selling eco-friendly items there are probably customers looking for products just like yours that do not realize that you are selling them 3 blocks from their home. Spread the word out about your products through local marketing ads.

The best defense is a great offense. Have samples prepared, know your market, know if the show is right for you and your products. Use each show as a step up in the right direction for the next show. Pretty soon you will have a fined tuned booth that will have customers swarming around wanting more of you and your product.

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