Application Performance Management

Every minute that a company’s network is down, they lose valuable productivity time and revenue. When employees can’t complete their jobs woofapps, they become frustrated. Their frustration may become noticeable to the customers that they cannot serve promptly due to network issues. Businesses should invest in a performance monitoring software to ensure that they are the first to know when there are issues with the network. Solutions may be resolved faster when the company monitors the network 24/7.

Application monitoring management ensures that servers and applications operate without errors and high uptimes. Applications that function well and have high availability increase the productivity of companies and handle the workflow. These types of applications may also include server monitoring tools, database monitoring, virtualization monitoring, cloud monitoring and web services monitoring in one convenient application. IT administrators utilize these applications to monitor and manage their resources.

Server virtualization enables system administrators to use less hardware resources to host multiple servers. Many companies use virtual servers to reduce costs. Virtual servers decrease the number of servers required on-site and also reduces expenses associated with maintenance of servers. Because of the efficiency of virtual servers, many companies plan to make 50% of their server resources virtual within the next two years, according to a Forrester Research Poll.

Virtualization allows consumers to deploy applications faster to their employees. The scalability and the simplicity of deployment of applications on virtual servers are favored by most system administrators. Some experts are worried that businesses will be saturated with virtual machines, because virtualization significantly reduces the deployment time. The truth is that this form of application hosting allows employees to remain mobile and requires fewer upgrades of personal workstations to support enterprise applications.

Solarwinds has recently released its version of application performance monitoring. With this application, system administrators can view the critical phases of the operating systems and server resources to make certain they are operating optimally. The application has the capability to detect, analyze and report the performance of the application to the system administrator. Applications and services should meet the organizations expectations at every level.

The Solarwinds application is capable of, java applications, Apache, WebLogic and powerbuilder applications and many more. The application will also monitor or run custom made scripts without conversion that return multiple values. Solarwinds also supports and integrates with the Synthetic End User Monitor program to monitor web applications. Charts are provided to evaluate trends. Data transforms enable mathematical operations on numerical values.

Performance management ensures efficiency and success of an employee, organization, department or business processes. Application performance management targets the performance, efficiency and success of the application. Established goals must have metrics by which success can be measured. Software applications are available to establish the metrics and measure performance of other critical applications in the work place. The end users experience is considered to determine if there is any disruption in service or if the application’s processes may be enhanced or improved.

Network performance and configuration software will monitor the condition and provide real-time charts and dashboards to IT professionals for evaluation. Topology maps are also available to aid in checking the network’s performance. Many network discovery tools are automated to free system administrator from manually generating reports. Network performance and configuration monitoring will monitor the data center identify and resolve and related issues detected.

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