8 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Architect Coach

An understanding of work life balance. IT top residential architects in Miami are people. You have challenges and a life away from the office. Coaching helps you align non-work goals and create a system which helps achieve success in all areas so that personal and professional growth occurs.

Learn from mistakes. Mistakes are really small successes, because they teach us what doesn’t work and this helps us get closer to our goals. Coaching can help you overcome the negative and destructive emotions which mistakes can cause, through the use of constructive feedback.

Become more self-aware. Self-awareness is a high priority for IT architects because it helps with your interpersonal skills. In fact executive coaches call this a master skill. In other words it is one of the primary skills you need to have and a coach can guide you so you learn it fast.

Create better self reflection. The ability to examine the past and present to create a positive impact on the future is a conscious process. A trained coach encourages self reflection so you can achieve peak performance on a daily basis.

Define correct development goals. Forward thinking IT architects look for learning objectives that are enjoyable so they can live a better life and achieve professional success. A good coach will work closely with you to blend professional and personal agendas so that you can advance leadership and self-fulfillment abilities.

Build on strengths and minimize weakness. Everyone is an individual with unique talents skills and flaws. Figuring out how to leverage these strengths is a challenge. Your coach will teach you how to bring your strengths and assets to bear on daily priorities, both at a personal and organizational level. When your strengths are aligned with the goals, the results are immediately measurable.

Personal and professional balance. Holding a holistic view of success is crucial for peak performance. Your coach can teach you how to create a balance of life and work. In this way you will avoid stress-related illness, inferior performance and burnout.

IT architecture coaching is the only type of program available that offers development specific to you as an individual which incorporates your unique needs, specifically defined and measurable objectives and outcomes, and quantifiable behavioral change with business impact which can be assessed.

Make no mistake, an IT architect is a leader and they need to have cultural understanding of the environment in which they are working, technical abilities, operational skills, mental and emotional intelligence, a certain sophistication, a leadership mentality, the ability to work well with others, and an ever wider variety of other cross cultural and business savvy skills.

Sharon C. Evans is an Enterprise Architect Coach, Mentor and Trainer. Her forthcoming book “Zoom Factor for Enterprise Architects: How to Focus and Accelerate Your Career” focuses on excellence and perspective for the Enterprise Architect and is due out in September 2009. She is the founder of Firefli Consulting Inc. and her member portal and more great articles.

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