What Makes the Phoenix School of Law Unique?

Phoenix School of Law is a relatively new 法律论文代写 school that was opened just over half a dozen years ago. It has recently been accredited by the American Bar Association and accepts thousands of aspiring law students every year. While this school has yet to make the list of top one hundred law schools in the United States, it is nonetheless an established institution that offers a high quality law course. There is a good student to staff ratio and the school provides financial aid for those who would not be able to study law otherwise.

This law school is not the only law school in Arizona. Two other educational institutions, the University of Arizona and Arizona State University, also provide courses in law. However, the Phoenix School of Law is the only private law school in the state. Furthermore, it is the only law school that offers part time and evening degree programs. These programs make it possible for individuals who hold down a job or care for family to study law and pass the Bar exam.

The tuition fee for studying at this school is much lower than it would be to study at prestigious laws in Arizona or in another state. It has been estimated that a person who enrolls in the Phoenix School of Law for a full time course can expect to spend about $64,000. This fee includes not only tuition but also books, room, board, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses. Part time students can expect to spend just a bit over $56,000 on these same expenses.

There is a popular misconception that students who graduate from Phoenix Law will find it difficult to get a job. The reason given for this is that Phoenix Law is not a top tier university. However, as was noted above, this law school is accredited by the American Bar Association. This means that a bachelor’s or masters degree from this educational institution will enable one to get a job working in either the private or public sector.

Those who are considering studying law should realize that there is more to starting a career in law that just getting a diploma. In some areas, the market is quite saturated; one will need to either move to a new city or work hard to build up his or her practice. Many prospective employers are not nearly as interested in where one’s diploma came from as they are in one’s experience, record and work ethic.

Phoenix School of Law is an accredited educational institution that offers a quality education for those wishing to pursue a degree in law. This institution allows for part time students and provides financial aid, thus enabling most anyone from any background to study. While Phoenix Law is not a top tier law school, it has earned recognition for its diverse program, 97% bar pass rate and 88% graduate employment rate. All in all, this relative newcomer in the field of law has done a good job of providing a quality education for its students.

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