The Green Rechargeable Technology Resurgence

Looking back over the history of uplive top up, it is obvious to see the increasing trend towards rechargeable technologies. More than the current push of the government’s “green agenda,” we are seeing lots of people becoming more aware to earth-conscious issues. Thus the achievements our Smart Battery Club for consumer usage of rechargeable batteries and zerowatt technology continues to flourish. Where rechargeables were once an endeavor solely for niches, like the medical, pro-audio, and photography industries, we have been seeing a vibrant affinity for the average man or woman’s usage of rechargeables. We certainly have also experienced a marked increase for reseller and dealer inquiries from a variety of markets requesting to become part of the Ansmann Distributor Network.

What is also worthy of notice is that this resurgence has come with an awakening towards quality. The public has become a well informed public and definitely will no longer accept cheap, ineffective battery chargers and low-power rechargeables. And why should they — when there are much better, affordable options? The real key to the Ansmann success along with the our rechargeable organization is providing quality product and education on the effective use of rechargeable products.

However, there are two major explanations why you don’t see true value rechargeable technology gaining ground in the “big box” retailers like Wal-mart, Target, etc. First, one has to explain the merchandise. Big chains want products that people pick-up and buy without great deal of thought much. This is where education is essential. The better one educates the buyer, the better the acceptance. Right now, the average consumer says – “My kid is utilizing a ton of batteries as part of his Xbox, let me try rechargeable batteries.” They are not pondering “Should I purchase a ZeroWatt charger or a Battery Refreshing charger” They will buy the $15 charger that’s in stock right next to the 4000 disposable batteries and figure: “This should work.” And yes, it does, for a little bit– until it either cooks the batteries or the low-cost, low power batteries that come with it cease working after about 50-100 cycles.

The second reason is price – but which also relates directly to education. The consumer may recognize that by buying a $40 charger can certainly make the batteries keep going longer – like 1000 cycles. Now, he or she has made an informed choice -spend a little bit more now and save a whole lot later.

So, as the large battery companies continue to producing weak rechargeable technology (while focusing on their core business of disposable batteries,) we provide an exceptional alternative — an alternative solution that Main Street USA is asking for. We continue to keep put forth quality. Educate our dealers and client base. And in the end, more and more people catch up to a greener way of living – and discover ways to save some hard-earned green too.

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