The 7 Things To Avoid When Controlling Lawn Weeds

Even the best cared-for lawn has its fair share of weed problems. While there are many ways to control the growth of alien labs carts, there are also a few things that you should avoid doing when implementing weed control measures.

Weeds can grow easily when you mow at a low height. Low mowing causes the weeds to spread their seeds easily and quickly through your lawn. You should also avoid mowing immediately after applying weed killer solution, as this will prevent the weed killer solution from moving into the weeds.

Most of the time, summer season is a bad time to fertilize your lawn. The lawn grasses will be stressed from the hot weather and have difficulty absorbing the fertilizers completely. The weeds will use the excess fertilizers instead. However, the type of grasses in your lawn and the type of fertilization used also influence the timing. A good understanding of the characteristics of your lawn grass and the type of fertilizers you intend to use will help avoid fertilizing at the wrong time.

Not only is over-watering a waste of precious water, it can help the weeds to grow better. The weeds will use the excess water not absorbed by the soil for their own growth. You have to make sure that the water is going into the soil and being used for the grass and avoid helping the weeds instead.

Many types of weeds begin in the shade, as they do not need a lot of sunlight to grow. The more shade you have, the easier it will be for the weeds to spread. By cutting back the tree branches and bushes, you can help prevent the weeds from growing and spreading.

Adding herbicides to new sod or to newly planted seed may kill weeds but it has a more devastating effect. The herbicides will kill the new sod or any newly planted seeds and cause the development of your new lawn to grind to a halt!

In hot weathers, the soil has less moisture than in cool weather. Adding herbicides at this time can cause damage to the grass. Moreover, the herbicide solution will evaporate faster and lose its effectiveness.

Different types of weeds thrive in different types of environments. The amount of nutrients available also affects its growth. It is important for you to identify which type of weeds you have and choose the right type of weed killer. Understanding the characteristic of the weeds can help you avoid implementing the wrong weed control methods. In addition, the more you understand the weeds, the less time and effort you need to bring the growth of weeds under control.

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