Selling Your House? Use This As a Checklist

The decision to sell your home comes with a lot of work. It doesn’t stop at a ‘For Sale” sign. If you have decided to sell your house, you will have to make your Buy my house for cash presentable and accessible to the buyers. Sometimes, selling a home can become a very long and tiring process. To ease out this process, it is necessary that you tick off the following items from your selling checklist:

1. Make it Presentable

Remember, first impression always counts. When a buyer walks into a house, he or she isn’t going to dwell into the purchasing technicalities right away. If the buyer falls in love with the place, the minute he or she looks at it, then the rest of the process becomes a piece of cake for you. Don’t just beautify your home’s exterior, but also perfect the interior to create a long lasting impression.

2. Get a Real Estate Agent

Few things are better off when left to the professionals. Hiring an agent is the best way to sell your house quickly without wasting much of your own time. An agent can help you advertise your property, handle prospective buyers, and take care of any legal requirements related to the sale of a property.

3. Determine the Selling Price

A lot of factors go into determining the selling price of a house. You could pull some comparable listings or sales off the internet or discuss the current property prices prevailing in your neighborhood with an expert. Putting up a right price tag on your house is extremely important. Make careful assessments of your property in terms of features, purchase price, age of the property, locality etc., before you settle on a price.

4. Decide on How to Sell

Sit with your agent and work out a feasible and convenient plan to list and sell your house. Decide on whether you want to be present during the buyers’ visits or let the agent handle the entire responsibility of showing your house to the prospective buyer.

5. Sign an Agreement

If you’ve hired a real estate agent to showcase your house to prospective buyers, make sure to enter into a written agreement with the agency. The written agreement should clearly mention details of the estimated sale price, commission of the agent, duration of the agreement, potential reasons to terminate the agreement, and so on.

6. List Your Property on the Internet

Listing your property on various real estate websites on the internet is extremely important. Nothing sells a product or a service like the internet. By making your property ad available on the internet, your potential buyer count would grow by leaps and bounds in no time.

7. Negotiations

The agent will mediate any negotiations or offers between you and the buyer. Take a suitable decision and either move on to another buyer or close the deal with the prospective buyer.

8. Sign the Contract

Once a mutually acceptable price is agreed upon, close the deal by fulfilling all legal formalities and by signing the contract with the buyer in the presence of the real estate agent.

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