Seabuckthorn, Miracle Fruit For A Healthy Body, Mind and Soul

In the pharmacy, we can see a lot of vitamins and acim free resources which protects and provide nutrients to the vital organs of the body. However, seldom we can see a good product which targets the blood circulation.

Blood is the most important thing to a human body. Blood is like a vessel which carries the nutrients to the organs and carries the waste out from the body. The blood vessels act like the highways which allow the bloods to move freely. If the blood vessels are clotted then the blood will have difficulties in carrying out its duties.

Sometimes the blood can be thick. The thickened blood hinders the circulation of oxygen, nutrients, and hormones and prevents them from being transferred successfully to tissues and cells throughout the body. Then the body and mind will start to degenerate. Therefore, it’s important to take care of the blood and the blood vessels just like taking care of the car and using the best petrol available.

If you want some miracle in taking care of the blood and the blood vessels, why not try the miracle fruit, Seabuckthorn, not just any Seabuckthorn but the one which originates from Inner Mongolia. There it is deemed to be the national treasure.

It is an orange berry but it has been used medicinally in Asia and Europe for hundreds of years. Every part of the Seabuckthorn, the small branches, leaves, skin and pulp, and seeds plant are used for healing. It is full of nutrients and has a nutrient combination that increases its healing abilities. It heals serious skin ailments such as eczema and radiation burns, and help to fight fatigue and boost energy.

The seeds contain high levels of antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, and flavonoids, which help to strengthen your immune system and protect you from disease, and strengthen your heart.

Vitamin E, ascorbic acid, fatty acids, protein (specifically albumins and globulins), palmitoleic acid, which is a component of skin can also be found in sea buckthorn.

Seabuckthorn ranks as one of the most enriched plant sources of Vitamin C in the world with 15 times the amount of the vitamin as oranges (per 100g).

Not only that, Seabuckthorn is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9 oils, which experts believe can significantly help improve heart health and drastically reduce a person’s risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Its’ essential fatty acids help to lower blood pressure, and some research suggests that increasing flavonoids (which are abundant in sea buckthorn) intake also benefits hypertension.

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