Paid Survey Scam Sites – Not All That Glitters is Gold

It seems like there isn’t a single area of the internet that hasn’t been hit by the old Review Scam warnings bug. Wherever there’s money to be made, you can bet people will use shady methods to promote a new type of service. Their only goal is to take away your hard-earned money, after that you’ll most likely never hear from them again. There are plenty of warning signs when it comes to scams in general, and these can often be applied to paid survey scam sites as well.

The good news is that you’re aware and searching for information on this subject, which is the best thing you can do. Arming yourself with the power of knowledge, you can cast aside the darkness of ignorance and expose these propagating scam sites for what they are. So why target the paid surveys genre? It’s quite simple really.

Paid surveys are a well-known way of earning an income from home, which amounts to two things. More potential people to scam, and perhaps even more importantly, many people who are newcomers to the internet and making money online, and are more likely to be fooled than the veteran web surfer.

A well written sales pitch, some phony testimonials, and a shiny, professional looking exterior is all it takes to convince many people that these sites are legitimate. They end up shelling out a good deal of money and getting next to nothing in return. These scam sites usually have nothing but links to free sites that could be easily found somewhere else on the web with having to pay a premium fee.

A common paid survey scam of companies is to charge users for the right to take individual surveys. Whether you’re with a free or paid survey site, this should never be the case. The company is most likely skimming money from the top, or simply won’t send you money. In conjunction with this, these sites often have minimum payout limits before you’ll receive any money.

You’ll need to continually pay them for surveys, and by the time you reach the minimum payout amount, you’ll realize they aren’t going to pay you and you just lost all the money you’ve invested in the surveys, as well as the time it took to complete them.

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