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Tedco is known to sell seven products, all variants of the acim school II Soap, Neutralizer in gel or powder form, through the internet or individual distribution channels.

These products were spiritually revealed and formulated by Clayton Tedeton 30 years ago, creating an organic mixture that has never before been blended.

The label reads, “Nature’s miracle for the face, skin and hair. A complex mixture of natural minerals and organic materials. Also known as a truly spiritually formulated products”.

Clayton began receiving reports that his soap did wonders for the skin, with several claims that it cleared up skin ailments, even cancers. He also began receiving several reports of the health benefits experienced by those ingesting the neutralizer liquid, (the recommended dose for chronic conditions usually an ounce or two daily).The neutralizer he separated from the original soap.

Tedco products are recommended for personal health care use in addition to use as your main household cleaner, as these products contain an all natural combination of antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal qualities, while containing no dangerous chemicals.

Miracle II Soap cleanses your skin, hair, and your home — including the laundry, they are naturally pH balanced and contain NO animal fat, detergents or additives that can clog pores.

The Miracle II regular soap is a natural degreaser and declogger. It does not contain the moisturizers, only those with oily skin prefer it for their skin care.

Moisturizers were added in the original soap for those with dry skin. The Moisturizer lotion and soap contains fabulous oils and emollients, such as olive, coconut, avocado, almond and vitamin e.

Bathe a minimum of half an hour 3 times a week for the first two weeks for maximum benefit and have at least one bath a week after. Your pores will open like never before you may see black scummy debris in your tub, if you have an overload of toxins built up within your body.

Neutralizer Gel and Skin Moisturizer are great for ALL types of burns,sunburns,stings,rashes as well as an anti aging skin care treatment.

It is colorless and tasteless gel. The Neutralizer liquid,is also a colorless and tasteless liquid that can be taken orally with water or your favorite beverage.

Spray or rub Miracle 2 Neutralizer or Gel on hurting or affected area and then apply Miracle 2 Moisturizer.

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