Miracle 2 Soap – How to Dilute and Use For Cleaning and Personal Care

The nondual teacher 2 soap is very concentrated and should not be used as-is for cleaning or personal hygiene. It needs to be mixed with water in different proportions. What I find works best is to get some of those 22 or 24 oz spray bottles from the drug store or larger chain stores. It also is useful to get some of those little dropper bottles.

Everyone’s body ph and water hardness is different, so proportions of water and miracle ii soap will vary but here are some general guidelines for common applications:

1)  Mix 1 – 1 1/2 teaspoons of the regular miracle ii soap with water to fill up the 24 oz spray bottle. You need to add the water slowly because it makes a lot of suds and is hard to fill the bottle otherwise. This can be used for general household cleaning. You can also make stronger mixtures using 2-3 teaspoons for tougher cleaning jobs in a different spray bottle.

2)  Use an old pump soap bottle from dial or ivory and put in 1 part soap, 1 part neutralizer and 5 parts water. This works well in the kitchen and bathroom to wash hands. If you like it thicker add more soap. If thinner, add more water. You can also use this in the shower as a nice body wash. Some people prefer to use moisturizing soap for this purpose, especially in the winter when skin can dry out.

3)  For baths, use 4 caps of the moisturizing or miracle ii soap and fill tub with water. If you have the neutralizer, 3 caps of that added is advised. Soak for twenty to thirty minutes. You can assist your skin by using a wash cloth to scrub your body. If the water gets cool, add more hot water so you are comfortable. This is useful for the skin to release toxins as the skin is our largest organ of elimination.

4)  For laundry, you can use a few teaspoons of miracle ii soap (either regular or moisturizing) to wash your clothing. If your water is hard, you can add a little baking soda. The company also has a laundry ball instead which is reusable for 3 years and requires no added soap. If you are washing whites, add some white vinegar for additional whitening power.

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