It’s the Season for Christmas Slot Machines

Most casinos and companies have a range of bocoran live rtp with an Xmas theme which they hope will be a fun play for slots fans during December time.

Two of the more recent releases, Return of the Rudolph and Santa Strikes Back, put a good twist on the traditional Christmas slot machines. Return of the Rudolph has the red-nosed reindeer take a psychotic turn where he’s out to batter everyone in sight to get the presents from the usual factory populated by elves. Santa Strikes Back sees the bearded Kris Kringle meat out his revenge in some style. It’s not exactly in the caring and giving spirit of the season, but it is at least a novel idea.

The newest Christmas video slot machine out there kind of plays on this theme. Santa’s Wild Ride is one of the new breed of slots that gets rid of the traditional winning lines and instead offers 243 ways to win. Again the Santa here is a little on the lairy side, he seems to like a drink or two, have a ride on a motorbike and have a partner hardly in keeping with his rather plump stature! It’s actually a good slot to play.

If you are looking to check out a more traditional and wholesome slot, then there is jingle bells, a three-reel old fashioned slot with holly and Christmas wreaths with bells on that form the main prizes.

None of these Christmas Slot Machines can guarantee a seasonal gift for slots fans, but they are worth a look if you are in the mood for carols, sleigh bells and all the rest!

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