Isolation gowns are protective apparels generally used to protect health care pack man disposable from the spread of infection or illness in case the wearer comes in contact with an infected person through bodily fluids,ISOLATION GOWNS: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW Articles clothing, blood and other kinds of secretions. A few other terms are also used to refer to isolation gowns in health care centers such as – surgical gowns, non-surgical gowns, procedural gowns, cover gowns, operating room gowns etc.

Disposable protective coveralls are considered to be the second most significant component of a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit after gloves. These gowns combine protection, styling and comfort for a wide range of applications. At present, these gowns currently available in the market offer resistance to blood and other bodily fluids depending on the type of the material that is being used to manufacture the same.

Basically, there are four levels of barrier protection provided by disposable coveralls lowes, ranging from level one, which is the lowest level of protection, to level four, which is the highest level. By keeping in mind the standard these classification levels, manufacturers are able to label their respective products according to the level of protection their product provides, and Health Care Workers can more easily select the appropriate barrier they need against infection. All kinds of Isolation gowns or coveralls are subject to this classification system. These levels are briefly explained below-

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