How to Sell My House in 24 Hours – Answering the Question

The ongoing credit and economic crisis has had a dramatic impact on homeowners. More and more homeowners are finding that they lack the financial means to keep making their Sell my house for cash payments and that they are getting uncomfortably close to foreclosure. If you are in this situation, you might be wondering, “how to sell my house in 24 hours”. Can you sell your home in such a short time? Are these types of sales even legal? These and many other questions must be answered prior to eliminating your debt.

Whether you are in debt due to home equity loans, due to job loss or because your mortgage interest rate has climbed, you can find relief from this terrifying situation. For those without access to a means of escape, it can seem like the walls are closing in, crushing you with debt and the threat of legal action. Thankfully, when you answer the question of how to sell my house in 24 hours, you’ll find that your troubles are ended (or at least seriously reduced.)

What is the answer to the question of “how to sell my house in 24 hours”? There are several options at your disposal. However, they all require the help of a real estate investor. What are these investors? They can come in many different forms. For instance, you will find professionals that flip houses, those that buy and rehabilitate houses and those that simply buy and sell. Of course, you’ll find investors that double as landlords – these will purchase your home and then turn it into a rental property.

The key to how to sell “my” home in 24 hours is to find the investor that fits your needs the best. Don’t they all offer the same thing? Actually, you will find that some are quite different from others. For instance, some of these investors will not be able to make a deal in that 24-hour time frame that you need. However, with a bit of research, you can locate an investor willing to purchase your property, regardless of condition, location or amount owed on the home.

How does this work? Actually, what will occur is the investor will contact the lender on your home and request a short sale. A short sale is simply a discount offered on the loan – you might have to write a hardship letter to the lender, as well, explaining the circumstances leading to the short sale. Most lenders understand that true hardship does happen, but they need some proof, as some homeowners will simply use this as a means to eliminate their debt, without true cause.

You’ll need to find the right investor for your needs and you will need to determine which type of sale you need, in order to answer the question, “how to sell my house in 24 hours”. That said, with the right investor, you can have cash in hand and be free of that crushing debt load in a very short time.

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