Different Types of Road Bikes for Sale

Recreational road e bike damen are ideal for cyclists just dipping their toes into the road biking pool. These bikes are designed for the occasional ride or weekend excursion, a next step from a hybrid bike for someone interested in braving the mean streets of their town or city. Recreational road bikes are a little faster than hybrid or mountain bikes, but so much to scare anyone off. They have a lighter frame, a larger front wheel, a narrow tire, all things that add speed and make it easier to climb hills everywhere but off road.

An important distinction of the recreational Schwinn bike is the near equal height of the saddle and handlebars. The similar levels mean that riders won’t have to bend over as far as they do for other road bikes. It will still take an adjustment if one is used to riding upright but it is an easier transition to make. The frame on a recreational Schwinn bike is typically shorter too. This detail allows riders to reach the handlebars with less of a stretch.

The wheel base on this type of bike is long for stability. It allows the rider to feel more secure and confident. There are three sets of front gears. Between seven and 10 on the back is typical. This feature is great for climbing hills.

Recreational bikes still have the multiple grip positions typical for a road bike. This allows people to find the most comfortable position for them, and gives options to stretch and change it up during longer rides. The integrated brake and gear leaver on the handles uses a safe control mechanism that is also designed for performance. The frame of a recreational bike is usually made with aluminum, which is typical for a road bike because of the lightweight construction and stiffness. Carbon fiber is often used for the fork of recreational bikes to absorb any road shock.

Sport bikes offer a little more performance than a recreational road bike and are best for people who take cycling a little bit more seriously. The saddle on a sports bike is higher than the handlebars, requiring a little bit more of a reach and forward bend. This creates a more aerodynamic position to get more speed. The top tube is usually longer than on a recreational bike, which supports the bent forward riding position. However, the wheelbase is a little bit shorter for better handling. This is handy for competitive riders who need a quicker response.

Sport bikes with a higher grade of aluminum increases lightness and stiffness. A stiffer frame allows for a greater transfer of power from peddling. Tubes that are made a little thinner shed weight and increase speed. A sports bike usually has a carbon fiber fork.

People will usually see two front chains on a sports bike instead of three. This is to lower the weight of the bike. The wheels are generally lighter too. Riders can expect better breaks on a sport bike as well, plus smoother gears. A more durable design can last longer and handle more riding. A ports bike is ideal for someone who is going to ride a couple of times a week or is just getting into competitive riding.

Performance bikes are top of the line. Performance bikes are for consistent cyclists who may or may not compete but definitely ride frequently. The saddle is much higher than the handlebars on a performance bike, which allows for a much lower and more aggressive riding position and more power from peddling. Most performance bikes feature a longer top tube and have a back wheel that is as close as possible thanks to a short wheelbase, which leads to better handling and more stiffness. A significant advantage for a performance bike is the carbon fiber frame. The material allows frames to be handmade for the best performance. Carbon fiber is also much lighter and even stiffer.

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