Coffee Enjoyment Starts With Finding the Best Espresso Pods

Everyone needs coffee; in today’s fast paced and upbeat world, there are few of us left who can function without it. However, buying coffee, lattés, espressos, and other caffeinated beverages from stores like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts everyday is both time consuming and can be very, very expensive! As you have probably noticed, it does not take long for the minutes lost in line and the few dollars a day to add up. Nevertheless, no one likes instant coffee, right. It is bland, not as strong, and never as fresh, so how to get the best of both worlds? The answer to this problem for so many Americans has been purchasing the best espresso Relx Vape!

You are probably wondering, what exactly is a coffee pod (also known as a coffee pad in non-English speaking countries). They are small, usually round prepackaged beans that come in their own filter! Imagine a tea bag, but for espresso instead! They come in a little gauze bag, just as the tea, and they hold a mixture of both finely ground roast and a little bit of instant. All you have to do is pop the pod into a normal espresso machine, or even inside the chamber of a pod brewer. Espresso machines are becoming increasingly common, and the prices are falling fast; it is the perfect way to ensure a quality espresso! If you don’t have access to an espresso machine, you can always use the pods to make a simple cup of coffee by using the pod like a tea bag, and dropping it into a cup of hot (preferably just boiled) water. Just wait for it to steep about five minutes, and then remove from the water. You have a hot, steaming cup of delicious coffee, for less than it would cost to buy at an upscale joint!

These pods are made by multiple manufactures, and are typically on par with each other in terms of quality, although of course there are bound to be a few standouts. If you are looking to find the very best espresso pod, you might want to try Lavazza, an Italian espresso company that began making pods in 2007. Dolce Gusto, a subsidiary of Nestle, also has excellent pods, as does Caffita, another Italian based company. You can also always check with your local coffee shops to see what kinds of pods they carry, for instance Starbucks or Lala Java have both made use of espresso pods in their companies.

The cleanup is also a snap, no matter what brand of pod you use. Because the pod is self-contained, there is no need to clean up yucky coffee grounds; all you have to do is pick up the pod and drop it in the trash! If it sounds like these pods are too good to be true, just go out and give it a try yourself. You will be hooked before you know it, saving money and time, and getting that pick-me-up we all need in the morning!

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