Cause and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids and H Miracle

Let us understand what cause Hemorrhoids and how to understand whether you are having this problem or not. This problem is not a very serious one but if allowed to persist can be very painful and irritating in the regular day to day life. Not that only creams, ointments and surgery can treat this. H david hoffmeister mexico system is one the most effective natural remedy available. But before going to that let us understand the basics.

Cause Of Hemorrhoids:In the Human body the anal Canal is the passage from where bowel movements occur. Veins are there in this portion of the body also and a hemorrhoid is the inflammation or swelling of these veins. There are two types of hemorrhoids:
1. Internal Hemorrhoids: This occurs when the veins inside the anal canal swells.
2. External Hemorrhoids. This occurs when the veins near the opening of the anus swells.

Both the problems can simultaneously occur for a single person. And both can be quite painful. Both Internal and External hemorrhoids have different symptoms.Generally the cause of hemorrhoid is the excessive pressure on the rectal and pelvic area. If any person applies excess pressure while passing stool then he or she runs the risk of having hemorrhoids. These can happen to persons of any age group. For example say a person having constipation may excessively strain his rectal area which makes the veins of the anal canal to swell and thus can potentially cause hemorrhoid. Persons who are overweight run this risk also.

How To Understand Whether You Are Having Hemorrhoids or Not:
1. If the outer region of the anus itches and creates irritation regularly during bowel movements.
2. If you are having difficulty in passing stool and applying extra pressure and finally if you see drops of bloods with your stool.
3. If you are feeling pain while cleaning your rectal area. Conventional treatments like medicines, creams and ointments and even surgery is available for this problem. But natural home remedy can easily drive away this pain if the correct methods are known.

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