Cat Towers: Your Pet’s Playground

A large percentage of the population Ithum tower to invite pets into their home. Single people, married couples and families are all examples of people that like pets. Some people prefer felines, while others like dogs. Still more choose birds, reptiles and bunnies as their preferred companions. People who really love animals may choose to have one or more of the examples listed. No matter which you choose, the end result is that you will need to have some toys and activities for your beloved friend.

Toys are important for all animals, not the least of which is felines. They are naturally inquisitive, so they’re always looking for something to get into. Whether it’s a paper sack from the grocery store, a box from your most recent online purchase or even a cubbyhole in the bottom of your entertainment center, felines love to crawl into small spaces. If you’d rather avoid having a house scattered with materials that should be in the recycling bin, consider cat towers.

Cat towers are ideal for felines of any age, although kittens certainly will get the most use out of them. In fact, it’s a good idea to introduce these pint-sized condos when you first bring your kitten home. This will give her the opportunity to become accustomed to it; otherwise you run the risk that she will be scared of her new toy. The good news is that once she figures out how fun it is she’ll spend hours there playing, napping and viewing her surroundings.

When shopping for cat towers, consider the age and agility of your pet. You can buy tall ones or short ones; but if it’s too tall, she may not be able to make it all the way to the top. Or, if she does, she might not be able to get down without assistance. Another important issue to consider when shopping for cat towers is how the piece will fit in with the décor of your home. Choose the location first, and then begin shopping for a piece that will fit into the designated space.

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