Boxing – Klitschko-Brothers Want To Write History

The Klitschko-Brothers Wladimir and Vitali from Ukraine want to realize themselves a dream. They seek to become World แทงมวยออนไลน์ Champions at the same time. To make this dream become true the 37-year-old Vitali will return into the ring after he was obligated to a four year break due to a cruciate rupture. Vitali had planned to come back already last year but unfortunately he experienced a disc prolapse just two weeks before his comeback.

Coach Fritz Sdunek gives his injury-plagued fosterling this year the nod: “Vitali is in a very good condition. He will get through the preparation healthy. I can guarantee this.“

Vitali‘s fight for the title will take place on October 11th in the new Berliner Arena. In front of around 13.000 spectators Vitali will face the Nigerian WBC-Champion in the category heavyweight Samuel Peter. The World Boxing Council (WBC) is boxing organization which is based in Mexico. The 28-year-old Samuel Peter started his professional career around seven years ago, after he won the African qualification tournament in 2000 for the Olympic Games in Sydney. There he reached until the quarter finals where he had to admitted defeat to the ten year older Italian Paolo Vidoz.

Peter lives in the US American Las Vegas and is coached by the 69-year-old Andy Anderson. Due to his impressive knockout victories and his massive physique he is also known as the second Mike Tyson. In March 2008 he became World Champion after defeating the Russian Maskajew in the sixth round by knockout.

Vitali’s brother already had the pleasure of fighting against the Nigerian. In an elimination match for the IBF and WBO world titles Peter managed to knock Wladimir down three times in total but at the end Wladimir won by points. The Ukrainian currently holds the world heavyweight titles for the International Boxing Federation (IBF), the World Boxing Organization (WBO) and the International Boxing Organization (IBO).

Vitali is very positive about a victory and after his break he is also very motivated. At a press conference he stated that he wants to fulfill his dream to become World Champion for the third time and this time together with his brother Wladimir. His contrary Peter appears very confident as well and animated the people to come very early to the fight in October because he does not plan to make this fight last long.

Samuel Peter had lost only one time in his career, this was the one fight against Wladimir. The other 30 fights in his seven year career finished in his favor from which 23 fights ended due to a knockout. Wladimir’s five year older brother Vitali had a total of 35 fights in the past 12 years from which 35 fights finished due to a knockout. He achieved his first World title in 2004, when he fought against the South African Corrie Sanders. A few months later he could defend his title against the British Danny Williams and became World Champion for the second time.

Due to following injuries he had to cancel several title defense matches. Consequently the WBC announced that they would dispossess his title if he would not be able to meet his obligations to defend his title. Since then he carries the title of a „Champion Emeritus“, a World Champion in pension. This title authorizes him to challenge the current World Champion at any time when he plans to come back to the sport. Now he wants to make a draft of this privilege.

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