Best Tech Gifts for Men for the Holidays

There is planetbesttech better than the holidays and shopping for the one you love. This can be made very easy if you know what the man in your life likes. If he is one of those guys who just love the latest in technology, then your shopping is already done for you. See the guide below to find the best tech gifts for men for the holidays:

· Screaming Skull PS3 Cover – If your techie man is also a horror lover, then you need to get him the Screaming Skull PS3 Cover. This awesome skin is not only a great stocking stuffer, but it offers his PS3 the creepy image of a skull trying to break out of the console. This image is in #D and is totally realistic. While not necessarily high tech on its own, it is bound to be loved by your horror tech man.

· LED Cinema Display From Apple – For the techie who has to have the latest in everything Apple, then this is the display for him. This display offers a full one hundred and seventy eight degree viewing angle along with a monster 2560×1440 resolution. When watching streaming or downloaded movies or even gaming on the MAC, this is the top of the line display to have.

· Magic Trackpad From Apple – Another installment from the folks at Apple for the techie man in your life is the Magic Trackpad. Using a mouse is not always ergonomic and this trackpad offers the same functionality of a laptop with the large screen and productivity of a desktop. It has a large area for touching and drawing which is much better than the small trackpads found on most laptops.

The above three tech gadgets are great for the man in your life who absolutely has to have the latest in gadgetry and their accessories. Not every gadget is one that is just for playing with or for watching; some are great for just making your current gadgets look better such as the skin mentioned above. Apple seems to be coming out with many new items just in time for the Christmas season as they do every year and this year is no different. If your man is an Apple man, then you do not have any problem finding gifts of every price level for him. The above gifts rang from twenty bucks for the skin to a thousand dollar for the display. It just depends on how much you can afford to spend.

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