Amazing Steps on How to Manifest a Miracle

During these times I’ve often had thoughts like ‘I need something really out of the ordinary to happen to get me out of this mess’, or ‘I need some sort of teacher of teachers to help me out here’.

I’m sure millions of you can relate to feeling like this at some point in your life. The despair, anguish, and panic can sometimes be unbearable and overpowering.

All people by default create miracles. It’s just a matter of being aware. Some people are not aware that’s why negative things happen to them. You have to think of yourself as a satellite that is continually sending signal to the universe. In order to transmit the right information, you have to send the right signal.

Do you know that you are already asking the universe with or without your knowledge? Sometimes you are asking the universe what you do not want to happen which results to bad things to come your way. Asking for the right in the universe is not a hard thing to do. You have to focus on what your heart’s desire.

Think of it as much as possible. You can do this by writing it, visualizing it, fantasizing about it, talking about it, and owning it. If you are good in creating, then you are specific with what you are asking. Once you learn how to do this, you can ask anything from the universe.

After specifying what you want for a miracle, the universe will answer. Take note that this is not your task: it’s the universe. You have to be aware that the universe doesn’t identify whether your desires are good or bad. Once you ask for something, the universe will bring it to your life. When you ask, the universe will answer.

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