6 Things to Look For When Buying a Garage Door Opener

Before you decide to buy flooring edmond ok door opener, make sure you have checked some important things such as the horsepower, type of drive, safety & security features, remote controls, motor (AC or DC), and warranty. This will assure that you buy the best garage door opener for you – you can use it conveniently and the best is it fits your needs.

Well, here are 6 things to look for.

1. Horsepower

Horsepower or HP is very basic information you need to know. The horsepower is related directly to your door, the horsepower will assure that the opener has enough power to lift your door. Therefore make sure you have checked your garage door, including height, weight, balance and type.

For most single and double car garage doors (up to 350 lbs), the 1/2 HP is adequate. Horsepower also refer to Newton, 600-Newtons is similar to 1/2 HP. The 1/2-horsepower motor is the most common type for residential use. It will work on one or two door garages. For heavier such as carriage house or solid wood garage doors, the 3/4-HP is ideal choice. The 3/4-HP is for super-heavy (up to 500 lbs), more power is better than not enough. Don’t make the mistake of buying a 1/2-HP opener and installing it only to find out that you need a stronger opener.

2. Type of drive

Chain drives are noisy because they use a metal chain along a metal trolley, but it’s inexpensive. It’s the least expensive and most popular garage-door openers.

Screw drives lift the door with a threaded steel rod. Look for the latest models that use a plastic-lined track to reduce noisy metal-to-metal contact and to increase opening speed.

Belt drives are the best in quiet performance. If you’re worried about noise and such, belt drives are the best choice. They are the quietest, making them ideal choice if you have rooms positioned above the garage.

Another type of drive is direct drive. Unlike conventional opener that use a noisy chain, belt or screw, the direct drives have only one moving part with no moving chain or belt. They are strong and durable like a chain drive, quieter than a belt drive. For direct drive, SOMMER 1041V000 direct drive is one of the best direct drive garage door openers today.

3. Safety & security features

It’s a must for people who are very concerned about security and safety. Fortunately, the best garage door openers on today’s market also utilize with the safety and security features. Here are some basic security and safety features:

  • Security system to prevent unauthorized entry – anti-burglary.
  • Safety system to protect users from accidental closings, as well as from break-ins. Provide quick-release mechanism on the trolley that allows for the garage door to be disconnected from the opener in the event of entrapment.

More safety and security features have been added over the years, in addition of two mentioned above.

4. Remote Controls

With the remote controls getting into and out of your garage is easier and more convenient these days.You won’t have to get out of your car, drive inside and then shut the doors using the remote before you have to get out of your car. Also, the availability of accessories has increased, including such features as wireless keypads and key remotes.

The full variety of controls may not be provided for all garage door opener packages. Be sure that what you want is included the remote controls. If not, choose another unit or buy them as accessories.

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