3 Tips That Make it Easy to Expertly Market Your Book

Why do some a course in miracles make it to the top of the bestsellers list while others fall far behind? The secret lies in a few tips that the experts use every day. Here are three expert marketing tips for you to use to launch your book to the top of the bestseller’s list.

Book Expert Marketing Tip #1 Craft a book title that compels people to buy

A book buying decision is made in less than 20 seconds. That’s not much time to make an impression. Your strongest tool to making a favorable impression on a potential customer is actually the title of your book. The title has to be strong, it has to be searchable and contain key words, it also has to provide your potential customer a benefit. Wow, that’s a lot to accomplish in a few words. Not to worry, with a little time, a little thought and help from friends and associates you can create a title that will sell your book.

Come up with several titles and run them by friends, family, and associates. Ask them which title is more dynamic and which title would invite them to make a purchase.

Book Expert Marketing Tip # 2 Use blogs and forums as marketing tools

There are blogs and forums dedicated to just about every subject under the sun from owning a Pug to making money on the stock market. Forum marketing is a little trick that the experts use. You can’t actually use a forum to promote your book but you can include a link to your book in your forum signature. You can also direct people to articles that you’ve written that will help solve their problems, which will in turn lead them to your book.

Maybe you’re already a frequent poster or contributor to a few relevant forums or blog site. If you are, be sure to include a link to your book’s website in your signature. If you’re not a forum member then choose two or three quality sites that relate to the topic of your book and become a member. Register, introduce yourself, create a signature and dedicate a certain amount of time each week to visit the site and contribute. If there are no blogs or forums available on your topic, start one!

Book Expert Marketing Tip # 3 Book Reviews

Book reviews are your ‘testimonials’. They are the proof that your book is exactly what it claims to be and that you are indeed the expert on your topic of choice. Reviews are essential if you want to sell your book. Read 3 Secrets To Getting Rave Reviews for inside secrets to getting great book reviews.

If you decide to sell your book on Amazon, do not forget to ask people to post their reviews on the bookseller’s site. Getting good reviews on Amazon can be tricky. Send your book to associates and ask them to read it and post a review on Amazon. You can email people that have purchased your book and ask for a review in exchange for a free product (you can offer them a free report on a similar topic that you’ve written or that you’ve obtained the rights to).

Effective book marketing doesn’t have to be tricky or advanced, it just has to be organized and well thought out. Begin at the beginning with your book’s title, take steps to get your name and your book out into the public, through ezines, press releases, and other promotional tools, and then take the time to get good reviews both on Amazon and elsewhere. They can make or break a sale!

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