Write a Book, How To Change Your Life Dramatically

Step into a bookstore or a library and you are surrounded by acim. Walk up to a stranger and ask them if they have ever wanted to write a book. Chances are they will say yes and tell you right off what their book idea is. So why oh why are there so few authors. Really, how many authors do you know?

Why, when so many people have wonderful book ideas, are there so few authors?
The answer…


Time, fear, money, family…they all get in the way of people attaining their dreams. What is getting in your way?

The only difference between the authors of all the books on the bookstore shelves and all the folks with dreams of writing a book is the published authors did not let life get in the way of becoming a published author. They make time to write a book – why? Because they know that writing and publishing a book will change their life.

They know that writing and publishing a book will provide a tremendous amount of accomplishment. Have you ever set your mind to accomplishing something difficult? It can be anything from spring cleaning the house from top to bottom to running a marathon. How did you feel when you were done? Tired maybe but probably tremendously satisfied with your efforts and the experience. Writing a book will not make you feel tired, unless you are staying up late to write it! However, the satisfaction you receive once your book is complete and in print will be beyond compare. Imagine being able to pull your book up on Amazon.com or being able to say to a customer, associate, or friend – let me give you a copy of my book. I can tell you it is a fantastic feeling.

They know that writing and publishing a book will change people’s lives – it opens up tremendous opportunities. When you write a book, no matter what the topic, it will have an effect on the thoughts, actions, and lives of others. For example, imagine you wrote a book on home organization. Pretty straightforward topic, right? Now imagine what happens to all of the people who buy your book and heed your advice and guidance? They are going to start to live more organized and happier lives. They may contact you to ask you for help in other areas, the media may contact you as an organization expert; you may even be approached by the manufacturer of organization products. Now this is a simple example, imagine if you wrote a book about living with diabetes or healthy lifestyles!

They know that writing and publishing a book will increase credibility, and income. Think about your favorite hobby or activity. Do you have a book on the subject? Would not it be great to have the author of that book in your home to give you their personal advice? Of course it would, authors are considered experts, plain and simple. If you’ve written a book you’re held in high regard and you’re the expert. What does this mean? It means your credibility on the subject is increased. It also means people will turn to you for guidance, not just turn to you – pay you for your knowledge on the subject. When you write a book you can use it as a business calling card, a marketing tool, or, and this is the big payoff, the beginning of a product line. For example, if you write a book on home organization then you can sell organization workshops, organization products, organization software, and one on one organization consulting. All of these products will be leveraged off of the fact that you wrote a book and are an expert on organization.

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