Three Questions You Should Ask Your Plumber

When you hire a Plumbers in Waynesburg PA , you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. You also want to make sure the person you hire is qualified to work on your system, so you don’t end up causing more damage in the end.

Next time you need to work with a plumber, here are three things you should ask the company before you make an appointment with them.

Are Your Employees Licensed?

Most legitimate plumbing businesses are licensed, but not all require all their employees to also obtain a plumber’s license. When someone is licensed, you can safely assume they know the ins and outs of working with piping and your appliances. You may also consider asking how long the company has been in business. More experienced plumbers may be more apt to handle tough situations. Making sure the individual employee that is sent to your home is licensed is an excellent way to make sure you will be getting quality work.

Do You Have Emergency Services?

Whenever you work with a plumbing company, you should take mental notes on the quality of work you receive and the type of experience you have. The idea is to find a company you can trust and that does solid work, so next time you need a plumber, you’ll know whom to call. One thing you should ask your plumber is if the company offers emergency service. The best plumbers offer 24-hour emergency service, which can be extremely helpful. If your plumber does offer this service, you may want to consider adding them to your list of “regulars.”

What Are Your Rates?

There is nothing worse than sticker shock. When you talk to your plumber, you need to make sure you understand the company’s rates before you make an appointment. Most plumbers charge by the hour, and then charge extra for any parts you need. Be sure to ask what the hourly rate is and if that ever changes, depending on how many hours your job takes. Also ask if they can provide prices for parts. This will give you a general idea of how much your appointment, with both service and parts, will cost.

Whenever you call a plumber, be sure to ask these three questions before you set up an appointment. Knowing if the company’s employees are licensed, if they have emergency services and what the normal rates are will help you make wise decisions and save money.

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